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Posted 2/1/2014 Printable Fact Sheet

Welcome to the 838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group
Building Shindand AB, Enduring Stability
Welcome to Shindand Air Base, Afghanistan and the 838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group. We personally appreciate the sacrifices you are making as you deploy in support of our nations and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). From active duty to contractor support deploying to Shindand Air Base, let us be the first to welcome you to the group. If you are unsure where exactly you will be living/working, or have no pre-arranged transportation, our staff will help you find your way.

You will be supporting a joint mission across a vast AOR. It is important to be a positive part of the joint team but you must remember to stay within your capabilities and training. If tasked with a duty you are not trained to perform, use the chain of command to address this issue. If it cannot be resolved, it is your duty to contact the 838 AEAG. Your AF ADCON leadership is here to resolve these issues while ensuring the mission is accomplished. We can be reached at DSN 458-6807.

Again, welcome to Afghanistan and welcome to the 838 AEAG. Thank you for your sacrifice and your family's sacrifice; thank you for being here and answering your nation's call in her time of need.

All military personnel will wear their service specific AOR authorized uniform while deployed to SAB (no civilian clothes except while in living quarters or directly to the restroom and back). No saluting on Shindand with the exception of all General Officers. All members are required to wear a cover when in uniform outside except on the flight line. When not in duty uniform, you will be in a serviceable PT uniform, worn IAW service requirement and with the shirt tucked in. Flip flops are allowed to and from the personal hygiene facilities only. During hours of darkness and times of limited visibility you are required to wear a reflective belt or carry an operational flashlight. If your PT uniform has reflective materials, that will meet the requirement. You should have your ID card on you at all times.


Task Force BOBCAT's Role 1 Sick Call/Walk-ins: 0800-1000 Monday - Saturday, 1300-1500 Sunday, Appointments: 1000-1100 and 1300-1700 M/T/W/F/Sat. DSN: 318-458-6806. Dental services are not available.


The Finance Office is located in the Mayor's Cell area and is run by the US Army. Currently you can use cash on base, however, the Eagle Cash card is the preferred method to use in lieu of cash. Service members may apply for and receive an Eagle Cash card at finance. With Eagle Cash, members may load up to $350 monthly onto the card ($100 max and remainder dispersed in Afghani currency); there are no ATMs on base. Finance hours of operation are Mon-Sat, 0900-1700.

Postal operations are run by Army personnel located in the Mayor's Cell. The following policies/procedures are in place for SAB: Outgoing letters or sound recordings sent to stateside locations and weighing less than 13 ounces are mailed for FREE; APO to APO mail that is less than 70 pounds or less than 130 inches in length and girth is also FREE.

Other correspondence or packages must have the proper postage before mailing. Policies and customs prohibit the mailing of certain items in/out of the country. Mail can take several days to 1-2 months to arrive since there are delays at Bagram due to weather or other priorities, so plan accordingly. Check with the United States Postal Service in regard to any other customs concerns.


First Name, MI, Last Name
Unit/ Office Symbol (838AEAG, 801AEAS, 802AEAS, 803AEAS)
Shindand AB
APO AE 09382

Upon hearing a wavering tone, "Alarm RED" or if "INCOMING" is heard over the public address system, get on the ground immediately. After 2 minutes, report to the nearest bunker or hardened facility in full "battle rattle" (IBA/IOTV, helmet, boots, personal weapon and ammunition), moving with a sense of urgency! Report accountability to your supervisor immediately after "ALL CLEAR" is sounded. "All Clear" is a steady tone or announcement from the giant voice.

BLACK Post attack/recovery phase
RED Attack imminent or in progress
AMBER Increased threat level
GREEN All Operations normal

Red Cross emergency communications services keep military personnel in touch with their families following the death or serious illness of an immediate family member, the birth of a service member's child or grandchild or when a family faces other emergencies. You or your family members can call (877) 272-7377 (toll free).

Anytime you (All military and civilians who bear arms) are outside of your living quarters, you will be armed with at least your M9/M4/M16 (A1 or A2). Exception: weapons may be locked in your room/tent only when performing PT, or when using the showers. Current weapons status for Shindand is: AMBER
Current weapons status for the Italian Compound is: GREEN


GREEN = No magazine inserted, chamber clear and weapon on safe
AMBER = Loaded magazine inserted, chamber clear and
weapon on safe
RED = Loaded magazine inserted, round in the chamber
and weapon on safe
BLACK= Loaded magazine inserted, round in the chamber,
and weapon off safe

Protestant Sun 1100, Wed 1730 (Camp Estelle)
Gospel Sun 1300
LDS Sun 0900
Contemporary Sun 2000

Mon - Sun 0900-2000

Mon - Sun 0900-2000

When you arrive, see one of the Passenger Terminal or ATOC personnel and let them know you require billeting. They will get in touch with a representative from your respective Group/Unit. You will be assigned a tent and bed number, as appropriate. For accountability purposes, that is where you will billet unless other arrangements are made and the billeting office is informed. TRANSIENT ALARM RECALL PROCEDURES: Must contact your sponsor, if you do not have one, call: East Side Mayor - 458-6562 // 838 AEAG/J1 (Personnel Office) - 458-6709


Personnel have the option of using a laptop/electronic device to access internet services through SNIPERHILL Internet provider. Services are provided for purchase and allow you to connect to the internet directly within your living quarters.

On Camp Estelle, there is a small SPAWARE tent that includes computers and phones for usage free of charge.

There are no current facilities to renew or reset CAC Cards on Shindand Air Base. Ensure your CAC card will not expire while deployed here, otherwise you will need to travel to Kandahar, Bagram or Kabul for this service.


There are three Fitness Centers on SAB; one located on Camp Estelle, one in the Mayor's Cell, and one behind the Far East DAFC; All open 24hrs/7days a week

Open Daily 0500-2300, Located in the Mayors Cell Area

The Speed Limit on base is 30 KPH. While driving in the Life Support Area (LSA), the speed limit is 15 KPH. Seat belts must be worn at all times while driving and the use of helmets when occupying/driving an ATV/LMTV/Gators/HMMWV. Riding in a truck bed is approved if all seats are occupied. Do not sit on the side, stand, or lean against the tailgate. During hours of darkness it is required that you have a wingman/battle buddy. When in your vehicle display proper ID when approaching Entry Control Points (ECP) and if during hours of darkness turn off headlights and turn on interior light.

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